Acridine Orange 20g

Acridine Orange 20g

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One 20g container of acridine orange fluorescent dye. Acridine orange is an intense fluorescent orange dye, which is visible even at parts per million dilutions.

Acridine orange is a basic dye - its CI name is Basic Orange 14. The material can be used in dye lasers, although this is not a common application for it (Acridine dyes have peak emission in the range 440 - 520nm). However, it is very widely used in microscopy (as a fluorochrome for nucleic acids, as a tumour stain and to demonstrate bacteria) and in textile dyeing. Our acridine orange is a commercial grade material and is not necessarily suitable for laser or microscopy use, however a specific microbiological staining grade is available on request.It is suitable for dyeing of wool and silk. It is not recommended for cotton.

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