Rhodamine 6G 20g

Rhodamine 6G 20g

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Health & Safety information: Rhodamine 6G is classified as hazardous under REACH/CLP legislation: Warning

H302 Harmful if swallowed

One 20g container of Rhodamine 6G fluorescent dye. Rhodamine 6G is a orange/amber dye which is visible even at parts per million dilutions.

Rhodamine 6G is a basic dye. The material can be used in dye lasers, in fact this was the fluorescent agent in the first ever dye laser. Scuddlebutt Rhodamine 6G is a commercial grade material and is not necessarily suitable for laser or microscopy use. Our Rhodamine 6G is suitable for dyeing of wool and silk. It is not recommended for cotton. We also supply fluorescent dye starter kits.

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