Microscope Slide Mountant (water based) L&C  25ml

Microscope Slide Mountant (water based) L&C 25ml

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HEALTH & SAFETY: Not classified as hazardous under UK & EU regulations. As with all chemicals please handle with care and KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN

25ml bottle of microscope slide mountant. Mountants are used to seal a prepared slide specimen under a coverslip. This is a water based mountant, to Lubkin & Carsten's classical formula and is very safe to use, compared to the more common xylene based products. It dries to a high clarity, hard film and does not require ringing. May also be used as an embedding medium if sectioning.
Specimens may be processed directly from water without a requirement for alcohol fixing. For this reason, water based mountants of this type are particularly suitable for examination of fatty tissues.

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