Fluorescent Dyes

We also supply fluorescent dyes available as starter kits, please view here.

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Acridine Orange 120g£26.60

Acridine Orange 20g£5.45

Acridine Orange 500g£80.80

Bromofluorescei​n 120g

Bromofluorescei​n 120g£24.25

Bromofluorescei​n 20g

Bromofluorescei​n 20g£5.30

Bromofluorescei​n 500g

Bromofluorescei​n 500g£85.00

Fluorescein 120g

Fluorescein 120g£23.35

Fluorescein 20g

Fluorescein 20g£4.95

Fluorescein 500g

Fluorescein 500g£76.50

Green Fluorescent Dye 120g

Green Fluorescent Dye 120g£24.55

Green Fluorescent Dye 20g

Green Fluorescent Dye 20g£4.95

Green Fluorescent Dye 500g

Green Fluorescent Dye 500g£80.80

Rhodamine B 120g

Rhodamine B 120g£39.00

Rhodamine B 20g

Rhodamine B 20g£7.25

Rhodamine B 320g

Rhodamine B 320g£95.00

Page 1 of 1:    21 Items