Fluorescein 500g

Fluorescein 500g

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One 500g container of fluorescein fluorescent dye. Fluorescein (Disodium Fluorescein) is one of the most intense dyes known. It has a very bright greenish yellow fluorescence which is visible even at parts per million dilutions. Fluorescein is an acid dye - its CI name is Acid Yellow 73. The material is used in dye lasers (peak emission 496nm). It also has some use in microscopy (as a fluorochrome in fluorescence microscopy).

It can be used in textile dyeing, but has poor lightfastness. Because of its very intense fluorescence, fluorescein is most commonly used as a tracer dye or "dye bomb" in tracing water flows and establishing sewage leakage routes. Fluorescein may be used for the dyeing of wool and silk. It is not recommended for cotton.

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